True Stories of Unconventional Success To Inspire You

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True Stories of Unconventional Success To Inspire You
There are stories of people who have had unconventional success that have given you inspiration in life. Such stories are so uplifting that they give you positive energy that enables you to do so much in life and look everything in a positive way. May be someone won a lottery when they really needed the money and when you heard about it, you started believing that anything is possible when you believe it.

A lady who lived near me once lost her job and could not be able to pay rent for quite a while. Previously she was a lady that kept to her- self and always paid rent on time and even at times in advance. The landlord become impatient with her and served her with an eviction notice. She was very pessimistic with life and never believed in miracles or extra ordinary things happening. Despite that, she was able to spend a few shillings she had saved earlier and went to the casino. In that one night, she managed to get so much money that she even bought a house that was next to where she rented.

Another student who was studying at a college in town also underwent a scenario that got me inspired. He was always early for class and even slept late trying to understand his school work but never really did the best in his exams. His friends and family always thought that he would never amount to anything in life but one day, his house help asked to help with his assignments. Everyone who heard about this laughed so hard saying what would a house help know about college. Even the boy at first was not sure but since he was in need of help he gave it a try. After a while of studying with the house helps assistance, the boy passed his final exams so well to the surprise of everyone. This taught everyone that they should never undermine people just by how they look and the boy learned that you can get so much help from the most unlikely person.

With the craze of social media everywhere, some people have termed it as a means of destroying relationships. While it is true some people have used to destroy their lives and lie to other, there has been some good around social media too. A lady who had her mother ill was stressed on where to get money for medical attention. Despite her good job, she had tried to raise enough money to take her sick mother to the hospital but it was not enough. Most at times we never know personally the people we communicate with on the social media platforms. Some people are strangers while others are true life friends. She updated her status about the stress she was facing and in a strange twist of events, her friends on the social media managed to raise enough money to pay for her mothers medical bills and also support her for a couple of months after. She was very thankful that there is still so much good in the world.

Another couple had lost their child at birth and become very angry at each other by putting the blame on one another. This almost split them apart but with therapy and practicing to love each other they rekindled their love life and soon as that happened, they were successful in bringing up two pair of twins, quadruplets. This change of attitude looked like it was almost what enabled them have such a wonderful family. All the above unconventional success was really ways that made people understand life better and with the right kind of attitude, you can move above and beyond your limitations.

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