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Tips for Recognizing and Understanding Children’s Character

Tips for Recognizing and Understanding Children's Character Recognizing and understanding the character of children is not easy, even tends to be difficult if parents do not have insights into adequate parenting knowledge. Mostly, parents are confused and don't know how to deal with a child's behavior so that the child becomes distant and reluctant to share many things about his life. When children feel uncomfortable to communicate with parents, that means parents have not been able to gain trust and understand the character of the child itself. Here are some ways to recognize children's character that can be applied by parents to better understand children's character: • Become a Good Listener As a parent, you must be able to be a good friend and listen to children. Give the response that the child needs and help the child to solve the problem if he or she is no longer able to solve it. Many parents consider children's stories to be insignificant and just listen briefly. In fact, if the child sees the treatment of his parents like that, the child will feel unappreciated and as a result he will stay away from parents. This is the forerunner of parents failing to understand the character of the child because of the lack of inner closeness and sufficient communication between the two.  • Quality Time In this modern age, the closeness of children and parents is often overlooked because parents are so busy that children rarely have quality time with their parents. In fact, quality time is an effective way to make parents able to understand their children's character more deeply while increasing the inner connection and communication between children and parents. Spend more time with the child while observing his character and make the child feel that he is very loved by his parents. • Soft and Interactive Interrogation of Children When a child makes a mistake or a parent sees an odd behavior in his child, usually parents tend to rush to know what is wrong and find facts from the child by asking the child but with an interrogating attitude. If parents interrogate in a harsh, rushed, and judgmental way, what happens is that the child will feel depressed and lie about what actually happened.This is where the concept of understanding the character of a child can be vanished because parents have already been labeled as scary figures for children. Interrogate children gently and patiently, invite them to talk with interactive sentences so that they feel free and comfortable telling everything to you. • Dive into the World of Children To be a friend for children, parents must first know and understand the world of children. Find out what hobbies children like, their favorite toys, their favorite movies, songs that are being listened to frequently and other personal things. Get to know your child's friends and think of them as your child too so that the child feels very comfortable when he feels that his parents are very sensitive and care for his friends. If parents are able to explore the world of children, children will certainly be themselves in the presence of parents and that makes it easy for parents to recognize the nature of children and understand their behavior. Understand the Emotional Type of Children If parents are able to understand the emotional types of children, parents can control children's behavior and give a good understanding to them. Understand the emotional type of the child well and avoid acting violently and use anger when the child appears to be emotional or frustrated with himself. Give your child a gentle understanding and always find a gap where you can persuade the child and advise him to control his emotions.

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