Promoting Gender Sensitivity

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Promoting Gender Sensitivity
Normally, boys would like to play toy guns and play soldiers while girls love to dress up their dolls. However, most of us would probably be alarmed if they would trade toys. Recent studies show that if a child is allowed to explore all possibilities, that child would become a well-rounded adult (and stripping them of gender prejudice is one of them).

Experts say that a child will usually start to understand the notion of gender identity at a very young age. Some even say that the notion of gender identity is biologically established. On the other hand, psychologists claim that it is determined by the surroundings of the child such as the way the parents or those around them treat the child. And when the child develops the typical gender behavior, the gender stability of the child is established.

Even though boys and girls are different in physical terms, they must be provided with equal opportunities to fully develop their potential. As this will ultimately improve the self esteem and provide emotional stability to the child. If the parents refrain from gender typecasting, this will allow the child to further explore and develop dormant abilities and talents.

It is highly recommended that you teach your child respect for males and females. The best way to do it is by giving your child a positive parent and teacher communication in order to form fair viewpoints, manner and behavior. One example of that is by encouraging your children to be always clean either to themselves or to their things or rooms. More importantly, it would be best if the parent should set an example, meaning both you and your spouse must have equal share in the household tasks. Switching tasks every once in a while is highly recommended.

Also, always allow your children (be it a boy or a girl) to convey what they feel and think. Bear in mind that a boy has the same right to cry as a girl does. Crying conveys the assertive behavior of the child and it also lets the child drive out his or her frustrations. In addition to that, the boys must also learn how to be compassionate others while girls must also be commended and encouraged every now and then.

In order for the child to have positive values, the child must learn to be aware of other peoples personality. The child must also have a sense of personal responsibility and must know how to be equal so that when the time comes, he or she will be able to take care for himself or herself, instead of relying on other people for opinions all the time.

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