Attraction in Job Search

[email protected]May 25, 2018
I'm sure you've heard about the Law of Attraction (LOA). It says that you attract to you things, people, opportunities and circumstances that match your distinct "energy vibration." Quantum physicists observe this in the laboratory and we can observe it in our lives. What the LOA means in everyday terms is that I get what […]

Assimilating Into Your New Position

[email protected]May 24, 2018
Celebrate Your Success Landing your new job is a wonderful experience. In fact, don't forget to celebrate because you definitely deserve it after all your hard work! After the celebration, write letters or cards to your network of contacts, letting them know about your new position and thanking them for their help. In turn, you […]

Aspiring Not To Lead-The Glory and the Guts

[email protected]May 24, 2018
As a boy I was in Boy Scouts. And since then Ive spent a good part of my life in the program once in a professional capacity then later when my son joined our local pack, then troop. I still volunteer today. Like me, Ill bet that you know a number of Eagle Scouts. Even […]


[email protected]May 24, 2018
ARE YOU READY TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE? I welcomed the incredible Dr. Bruce Lipton to my Create Change Now radio show and now I am considering the powerful benefits of taking accountability and responsibility for our lives! To listen to the show there are several options: 1.Go directly to ITunes and subscribe […]

Are you an optimist or pessimist

[email protected]May 23, 2018
I have been giving some thought lately to optimism and pessimism. Basically, these are attitudes. Attitudes that shape and formulate our entire existence. I mean, have you ever met a happy pessimist? Of course not. In short, our optimism or pessimism is this: The way we interpret the past The way we experience and view […]