Mushroom Learning Guidance Institutions, Education System Errors

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Mushroom Learning Guidance Institutions, Education System Errors
Yours truly to Heroes' teachers without explaining services that have devoted themselves to educating the nation's future generation. Hopefully the days of my teachers are all full of happiness.

And the reason is that there are a lot of learning lessons at this time, people's poly links to global education in schools. Many people talk about mushrooming due to the failure of the education system that exists in Indonesia. furthermore it is said that bimbile mushrooming the reason is the failure of the school to educate students who have been entrusted by parents to educator energy.

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In fact, the above is based on me, it's legal, parents think. And indeed it has become a kind of Indonesian culture to blame others for the source of self-blame or self-introspection (I am also not sporadic in this class. Hhh). As the saying goes about ants across the ocean seen, elephants dipped in the naked eye.

That the mushrooming of the forum of guidance to the country and the increasing number of registrants to join the guide based on me personally is the dominance factor is the reason is the child's parents themselves. That today's parents are increasingly poly who spoil their children. So that the impression is that parents seem to be helpers for their children. I have posted this here:

Learning Guidance Institutions (BIMBEL) are increasingly showing progress to this motherland. Today the existence of a learning forum is not only found in big cities, but also in the remote areas of the country. Leader forum managers are competing to innovate in running & marketing their forums.

The school is blamed for mushrooming in the country. if the school is blamed, then happy to be happy, educators (teachers and instructors) will get the sap. Because it is the teachers who are responsible for educating children in school. And automatically the relevant officials will also be blamed by the parents.

In line with the saying above, that people blame schools, educators & officials for the discourse about the rampant forum. And they (parents) are not trying to try self-introspection.


And it could be that (I don't have the experience of being a parent) the parents included their children in the Bimbel group. The reason is the parents' unwillingness to educate, teach, and review the children. So the school is fully obliged to be blamed by schools & energy educators if a poly-tutoring forum pops up.

Of course, every package offered will not be in line with the honorarium that must be spewed out by the parents who include their children in the guide. A bundle package for elementary school children will not match their honorarium and junior high school packages. So well for the high school children to take part in this guide will adjust the honorarium.This is in sync with some of the stories of the best friends who have participated in mentoring. Not a few of these children who ask their parents to take part in the study reason why there is a lazy factor in the child to do homework given by the instructor. -definition of subjects, turned into workers to do homework for their children. Even sometimes the children who join this guide and openly ask their mentors to do their homework.

The manager of this guide shows a poly type of package to their prospective leaders. Among them are some guides who open regular classes and not a few who open private classes. Various subjects are also offered to their prospective tutors. Generally this forum shows subject guidance; Mathematics, chemistry, economics, Indonesian, English & recitation (for Muslims).

For that reason, do not exclusively accuse the school & non-professional instructors in educating your father and mother. And for parents, the author recommends not to exclusively approve / pamper children and bring in a private tutoring child, before you understand the real reason your child is asking for a mentor.

For the mushrooming of the tutoring forum at this time poly is reaping the contravention of people's sources. Some support along with the guidance, and some refuse along with the guidance.

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