Celta Certification Canada – A Program Overview

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Celta Certification Canada - A Program OverviewCELTA Certification Canada is essential for those living in Canada and aspiring to take up international assignments as English language teachers. Teaching the English language has attracted a lot of attention and gained importance in our global village. Many countries have opened up tremendous opportunities for English language learning and hence jobs for ESL teachers have never been in greater demand.

Internationally, CELTA is a recognized name to ensure the proficiency of a prospective candidate for the job of teaching English. The famed Cambridge University organizes it. Though there are several certification courses in the world, CELTA standards are held in high regard and thus are a great option for the candidates who are considering the CELTA Certification Canada.

The CELTA Certification Canada course is run internationally through the approved centers, and the centers deliver the course as designed by the Cambridge University division, ESOL. The course is designed to teach the principles of teaching English to teachers in training.

More importantly, every candidate is trained with the practical experience, aka the face-to-face, within real classrooms and the feedback is used to assess and improve their teaching skills. Practical training puts emphasis on all the facets of English language learning: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The CELTA Certification Canada program is now made available in online mode also. It has great advantages, i.e. flexibility of timing, and the candidates need not spend money on accommodation and travelling in order to get certified. But the online version of the course does not exempt from the practical sessions which are at the core of the CELTA program.

LSC (Language Studies Canada) in Toronto is a reputed division for teaching many languages and it is one of the main centers offering CELTA courses in Canada. ILSC Montreal is another center that offers the CELTA program, and International House (SOL group of Schools) also offers the CELTA program in Toronto.

Each of the above centers has its own reputation for ESL training and teacher training. But the course delivery of the CELTA program is the same in all the centers. The same goes for the admission criteria, the course content and the evaluation/assessment procedures. International House offers TESL Diploma programs, TEFL certificate programs along with the CELTA program. All of these courses provide the qualifying certification for the appointment as an English language teacher working abroad.

For CELTA Certification Canada it is not necessary that the candidate be a "native speaker" of the English language. However, it is necessary for you to have proficiency in the English language at a high level necessary to teach English. With multilingual country like Canada, this is an important consideration.

If you've been considering getting the required qualifications to teach ESL then it's a good idea to compare some of the different options you may have. Especially if you do nto live in Toronto, or eastern Canada. However, the online option for learning is a very effective option for future ESL teachers.

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