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Can Lead to Air Force Officer CareersIf you are interested in an Air Force Officer career, then you may already know that you have to have a degree to be an officer in the Air Force. Even if you are already in the Air Force as a noncommissioned officer, to earn your Lieutenant bar and make the transition to being a commissioned officer you must have a bachelors degree.

Going From Enlisted to Commissioned

Especially for those who are already molding an Air Force career, an online degree can be instrumental in getting the education necessary to climb the ranks. There are many reasons why an online degree is so perfect for an active-duty Air Force member, but among the top ones are:

–An online degree is very flexible. You can study anywhere and at anytime. This means that if you are enlisted and want to work toward becoming a commissioned officer and starting that Air Force officer career, you can work on getting the necessary degree on your schedule. No need to shirk your current duties or get yelled at by your commanding officer.

–You can stay at the same school. Since online degrees are completed online, no matter how many times you transfer to a different base you do not have to worry about transferring credits or establishing yourself in a new school. Or even, finding a school that offers the same degree.

–Although there are many civilian careers that parallel an Air Force career, there are some that are very specialized. Luckily, some online colleges realize that and offer online degrees in topics such as intelligence, homeland security, and counterterrorism.

–Many online colleges are very open to giving service members credit for their military training, as well as their experience. This can save you a lot of time and money, since it decreases the number of classes that you have to take to get your degree.

–Your education benefits, such as tuition assistance and the GI Bill, can be used towards an online degree. This greatly reduces the cost of getting a degree.

Entering as an Officer

Civilians who want to pursue an Air Force officer career must also get a bachelors degree. The Air Force does not let anyone in as a commissioned officer without either having a four year degree or entering into a written contract stipulating that the degree will be earned in a certain amount of time.

Generally, those with a bachelors enter with butter bars or as a second lieutenant. This means you automatically have a certain amount of authority. It also means that you do not have to go through basic training, and instead must do officer training upon starting your Air Force career.

An online degree is also a great option for a civilian who want to enter the Air Force as a commissioned officer. The military has long since seen online education as equal to campus-based learning. So, you do not have to worry that your degree will be looked upon poorly.

For civilians or current military members, an online degree is a flexible and convenient way to get the education necessary for an Air Force officer career.

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