Are Numbers Still a Reference for Assessing Children’s Achievement

[email protected] October 19, 2018

Are Numbers Still a Reference for Assessing Children's Achievement
Learning without poly theory & asking relative provocation questions is effective for children under 10 years of age. Whether this is true or not, I will feel the impact. Too poly books the subject matter seems to produce illfeel children first. Thick books full of pen scratches, of course, are too attractive for children. With provocation questions, then look for the answer yourself or by conveying a news when he did his hobby of producing news that was inherently powerful in his brain.

I then did not forget how when he played a computer ball game then he managed to memorize the name of the country with his capital and gave his place in the globe when he was only five years old. He was very keen to play this game, and when he played, his father always told the news related to this toy. For example when he played an English club, his father told him that the British capital was London & some other news about England.

Non-number assessment seems very friendly & very humane especially for children in grades 1-4 elementary school, the reason for their age is playing age. Numbers that sometimes produce them compared to other friends of their own parents. Assessment of children's performance without numbers producing him for example is personally valued, the reason is that the children are unique and not the same. So how wise we are if we box them in prison numbers & rank or rank in a learning process.

Wooowww …. I was amazed by the way his teacher delivered PR. How do teachers convey questions that give children space to creatively find answers to their homework sources. Even though only a portion of the news he received regarding Sudan & South Sudan would be based on me the news would be recorded in his brain. Because the news he got was not a text book or memorizing the source of the book, he would get it himself through internet media.

Specifically for trust, our parents convey in their place of residence. Routine is given after praying in congregation for reciting & stories containing nir trust we peg the specific time but we give it when it's calm. Because this is also necessary for the spiritual quotient debriefing

Not only that, math PR too. How to sue children with their reasoning & analysis. The teacher presents 3-dimensional images such as tubes, cubes, pyramid, & beams, then the students in the instructions make their own description. It's rare for me to see Faiz feel burdened with his homework, the reason is that PR never has more than two sources, and even then it's a work sheet or paper sheet. The daily mandatory menu is reading. But don't think that the reading is just a pictorial story, in the story book that contains more than 15 sources the content of other fields of science such as science & social sciences arises & this is not realized that the children will be permanent but inherently powered by the reason for the story and pictures very interesting for children.

It is not intended to compare schools in Indonesia with international schools. If good things arise, why don't we imitate. And the stroke of this pen is more about sharing experiences, even if there is an opinion, maybe it is just my opinion as a parent. Sadness I saw how the children's playing time was deprived of the reason for the tight learning hours. Doesn't parents want the best for their children, not only will their achievements grow mentally & physically.

A few days later I got a progress report, maybe a report card even if in Indonesia Faiz's school source. Not for example, report cards generally containing numbers that give an explanation of students' academic achievements. What I received yesterday was in the form of drawing material achievements. Like this example:

For example, generally, in Indonesian schools in the past, when they got a report card, the parents asked each other, "What number of children is there?" Here … the reason is that no number or alphabet arises as an evaluation of achievement, so even ranking or ranking automatically arises. Parents' efforts that are sometimes very hyperbolic for "forcing" children to take lessons outside school hours are only to boost value & prestige in the eyes of other parents. So if this is the case, the school is no longer a place to gain knowledge but a place to compete for prestige. Actually school is an area to gain knowledge rather than gain "value". Where else are they playing, behind the school is this compulsory lesson still. I often suffer from grief and sadness to see their bags, sometimes it is more difficult to source high school kids from my past, books, poly & thick. A small body is wrecked in heavy & heavy bag weights. What a pity…

One day, Faiz (7 years old) my youngest son, who was sitting in Year 3 or on a level with second grade elementary school in Indonesia, got his school PR homework in the form of a piece of paper

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