Achievements of Children with Special Needs

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Achievements of Children with Special Needs
While being engrossed in Jayden Ruiz (Christian Butista) singing a melodious song to a cafe to Manila, Philippines, a group of young people asked Jayden to come down the source of the house together with the reason his voice was ugly. One of the young men went up to the bridge and sang. Jayden thought the sounds of the young men were melodious. He also threw the young men together with the items that came up to the cafe. There was a quarrel between Jayden and the young men. And finally the cafe owner divorces Jayden. After the cafe's source finished the tragedy, Jayden found that his belongings were in front of the door of the rented residence the reason was not paying rent. Jayden also met his aunt, Tita (Maribert) for permission to stay overnight. Instead, Tita suggested that Jayden meet his mother (Ira Wibowo) who had lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. Finally, Jayden followed Tante Tita to meet her mother, Marlina Anasazar (Ira Wibowo). Incidentally, Tante Tita had told Jayden's arrival to Marlina. When it was at Bandahara Soekarno Hatta Jakarta, 2 worn-out human figures separated were rediscovered. Marlina was very happy with the arrival of her son, Jayden who had been left behind. Marlina has another agenda for Jayden to teach his school for children with specific needs. As a new instructor, Jayden personally received the sympathy of the source of the teachers and the guardian of the students especially the handsome face. One female instructor, Laras (Gista Putri) shows heart to Jayden. On the other hand, Jayden's arrival to the school resulted in the displeasure of Mr. Dimas (Verdi Solaiman). Pak Dimas also sought Jayden's mistakes in teaching children with specific needs. One time, when Jayden taught, the classroom became noisy. Mr. Dimas personally reported this tragedy to Mrs. Rinjani (Ira Maya Sopha). Mr. Dimas's report was responded well by Mrs. Rinjani with the reason Jayden used a new method of teaching. Mrs. Rinjani's decision to produce Mr. Dimas was even more upset with Jayden. In an opportunity Jayden saw, the brother of the children whose specific needs called together with the nickname of his younger brother who became Jayden's prot�g�. Hearing that statement, Jayden accepted, his brother was scolded. It is precisely this anger that will occur, Jayden is blamed by the source parents of their children with specific needs. His parents threatened to ask Jayden or his son to withdraw from the school's source. Mr. Dimas also asked Mrs. Rinjani to immediately release Jayden. Finally Jayden left the source where he was teaching. He also said goodbye with other teachers. Silence and silence The tears shed tears on Jayden's departure. Jayden's departure produced several of his students who were sad, even aroused who called for Jayden's name. In traveling back to his place of residence, Jayden found children practicing a mixture of sounds for a race. He was given a committee brochure. Jayden thinks his students can join the race.

The school decided to call Jayden back to teach the reason was the request of the source of his students. This opportunity is neglected to involve their students in the sound-mixing competition. The school also supports Jayden's steps. Jayden and Mrs. Laras managed to lead students who will participate in the sound guideline competition. Even the parents of students who had asked Jayden Nir to teach, turned around in support. When they appear to the puppeteer, the audience and parents are designed to be amazed by the sound they bring. Incessantly, Mrs. Rinjani was moved to tears feeling moved and proud of the ability of their students with specific needs. Holistically this film is full of educational values ??to children and teaches poly people about the meaning of dreams and life. I think this film is very amazing in the midst of the incessant Indonesian films with the theme of sex or ghosts. Film Title: Extraordinary Symphony of Production: Nation Pictures & Primetime Production Duration: Up to 99 min Director: Awi Suryadi Author: Awi Suryadi & Maggie Tiojakin Producer: Delon Tio Executive Producer: Nita Triyana, Eka Wiharto and Steve Christian Player: Christian Bautista Maribeth, Ira Wibowo, Ira Maya Sopha, Verdi Solaiman, Gista Putri. OST: I'm Already King by Christian Bautista

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