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How to Overcome Phobias in Children

A phobia is an extreme form, which can be experienced by anyone. The fear can be with certain objects, animals, or places. Someone who can experience it can feel depressed, afraid to be limited in doing their daily activities. Both children or adults can pass phobias, but specifically for children who are used to phobias that are experienced are specific phobias. Examples include fear of them, height, height, and many that can cause trauma to children or stress to children. Of course phobias in children can exclude children from exploring their world, because parents should know more about phobias as much as possible, including how to overcome them. Causes of Phobias in Children Until now, it cannot be ascertained what is the cause of phobias in children, but several factors that can cause children.

  • History of the family or surrounding environment, for example when parents have a high enough anxiety so that it can be accessed through phobias.
  • A traumatic bad experience, because children who have never experienced trauma will be afraid to approach or go home.
  • Occurs, personal functions, and behavior of children.

Symptoms of phobia in children Symptoms and causes of phobias in children that include types of emotional disorders in children are very easy to look like:

  • sudden confusion
  • feel dizzy
  • nausea to vomiting
  • pale face and suddenly felt weak
  • experiencing shortness of breath until the chest feels painful
  • become more fussy
  • afraid of being left alone and not wanting to separate from parents, so that a way to overcome fear of children is needed
  • lots of sweating and trembling body
  • heart rate becomes very fast
  • the mouth feels dry and the ears are buzzing
  • feels a sensation like wanting to urinate in the middle of the night.

How to Overcome Phobias in Children Phobias that arise from childhood or the age of children can still be cured in several ways, both with home care and the help of psychologists and doctors. How to deal with emotional disorders in children is more difficult to do, but if patient and consistent children can be separated from phobias that interfere with their lives. Well, here are ways that can be done to overcome or eliminate phobias in children.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. By undergoing this therapy the child will learn to be able to determine the attitude in facing something and the way of looking at something that has been frightening him. This therapy is carried out gradually with the hope that at the end of the therapy session the fear will be reduced or lost so that he can be free from his phobia.
  • Self-control techniques. Children will also be taught to practice self-control techniques, including breathing arrangements and try to stay calm in every situation. Visualization techniques are also needed to support success, which is also useful for tips for strong and independent children.
  • Application of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle turns out to greatly affect a child's psychological and mental condition. Therefore, always apply a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, eating nutritious foods and always getting enough sleep.
  • Use of drugs. Sometimes children can be prescribed several types of drugs by doctors, which are usually in the form of serotonin release inhibitors (SSRIs), beta blockers (beta blockers) and benzodiazepines.Phobias in children do not endanger their health, but will greatly affect their mental development. Therefore, ways to prevent phobias in children need to be done before they occur, including ways to increase children's confidence so that children are always brave and can be calm in facing anything.

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