5 Applications Made by Nationwide Children; Proof of Children’s Achievement in Informatics Engineering!

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5 Applications Made by Nationwide Children; Proof of Children's Achievement in Informatics Engineering!
Quiz is indeed a favorite of smart cellphone users to get rid of fatigue for a moment. Guess-guess is the error of one of the most interesting activities when playing games. Call it the Pop Quiz Icon. Don't worry, this game software means the synthesis of Indonesia.

The game that won the 2nd Imagine Cup 2013 in Russia contains mathematical tactics, and has several levels. It is suitable to be played by the children to train their logic skills. However, it can also be played by the adult. Everything depends on your preference.

Not only about whatsapp, LINE, or facebook Messenger. Indonesia has also succeeded in producing works in the field of chatroom software. Namely, students of the Surabaya Institute of Technology who managed to form chat software called Catfiz.

Yes, this game means games along with 3-dimensional graphics. In it, we are told to fly the plane and agile. His achievements, this game has been included in the most famous TOP 10 software in the App Store.

five. Pop Quiz Icon

Like playing fun & challenging? Maybe you have installed this game, namely Infinite Sky. In accordance with its name, which means the sky is unlimited, users can play this game along with fun & freely, even without stopping before the plane is destroyed.

Many features that we can get Picmix sources. Starting from the source of the filter effect, the frame, to beautify the paras to make it look brighter & without acne. Until now, Picmix has used more than 10 million sources of users.

Like playing tactics & affiliation with math? Like to train reason? Save the Hamster can be the choice. The game created by the three students of the Trunojoyo University is a proof that the child of Informatics must be seen in its entirety.

If you like this, do you still want to underestimate the children of Informatics? Especially for prospective in-laws, please do not hold back. Just hurry up!

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1. Infinite SkyWorking together with a well-known company Alegrium, this game contains instructions for users to guess the icons that are often found in movies, names of people, brands, and imaginative characters. The good thing is, this game was once TOP FREE in America, England, Canada, Australia, Philippines & Indonesia.

Women may be familiar with this one software. Yes, Picmix is the creation of the nation's children's work. We should be proud, the reason is that this software is not only famous in Indonesia, but also global. There are already millions of users who have tasted the function.


3. Catfiz

At present, there are more than 6 million sources, of which there are still 3, 5 million active users. An achievement that cannot be seen in one eye, right? In fact, not only Indonesian source users, but also foreign sources also use it.

4. Picmix

two. Save the Hamster

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